Will South Carolina Be Having Christian License Plates?

This is interesting.  I vaguely remember hearing about it a little while ago but I didn’t realize it had come so far along.  The state of South Carolina may soon be allowing drivers to get state-issued license plates that profess their Christian faith (you know with a cross symbol and a saying like “I Believe”).  Obviously some people have raised some pretty big objections in regards to this.  Kind of a whole “Separation of church and State” deal.

Now I am a self avowed secularist, I’m all for separation of church and state.  Personally I don’t care if people what to proclaim their faith on their car or license plate (that is why we have the freedom of speech and religion in our constitution) but what I do have a problem with is a state government favoring a specific religious belief (in this situation Christianity).  If the state of South Carolina wants to offer people the opportunity to express a belief on their vehicle’s license plate then they need to offer the opportunity to express any belief be they Christian, or Jewish, or Islamic, or any others, even atheist (actually I’d love to see an atheist license plate that says “I don’t believe”).

Hopefully this week I am going to finally go get my South Carolina drivers license (I’ve been hanging on to my Vermont one for the past year, wanted to make certain I was going to stick around).  Soon (I hope) I may be purchasing a vehicle of my own, in which case I will need to register it and get my own license plate.  Is it fair to me, a non-believer in Christianity, that some of my registration money would be paying for the production of Christian faith proclaiming license plates?  Again, I have no problem with plates that want to proclaim a belief as long as there is equal opportunity in what belief can be expressed.  Offer me the choice of a license plate that says “Proud Secularist” and show me some that are for Buddhists and Muslims and any others and as far as I am concerned have a ball.  But if you are only going to represent one religion or belief then you are taking a side and violating that separation of church and state.  Don’t do that, because that is not your role as a secular government.  And yes, whether you like it or not, our country’s government is created to be secularist, deal with it, because in the long run it is for everybody’s good.

~ by Nathaniel on July 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Will South Carolina Be Having Christian License Plates?”

  1. Spaghetti Monster license plates would be amazing.

  2. Agreed . . . I’ve thought for a long time that getting a spaghetti monster tattoo (instead of a cross) would be pretty funny too.

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