South Carolina’s Two New Residents

Even though I have lived in South Carolina for over a year now, up until yesterday I had held out on getting an SC Drivers License.  But now that I am in the market for purchasing a car I decided it was high time to turn in the old VT license and officially become a South Carolina resident.  Martha also needed to get her license so she picked me up early from work yesterday and we headed to the DMV.  Besides some minor flub-ups on what material I needed to bring to get the license (who knew you had to prove a place of residency?  Not me obviously.) things went rather smoothly and we were in and out of the DMV in a timely manner.  Behold the two of us with our new licenses . . .

Proud to be South Carolinians but sad we had to give up our old licenses

What does one do to celebrate getting a new license?  Go to a bar and hope to get carded of course.  Martha and I headed over to The Handlebar (right next to OrangeCoat world headquarters) for a few beers.  We were indeed carded, which, when drinking with me, is kind of a given.  On that matter; I have no problem with being carded, I am well aware I look younger than 24 and probably younger than 21 (I’ve been told I look as young as 16 which I don’t quite believe –oh well).  What I don’t like is constantly being reminded that I am so young looking.  Yes I get it, I really do.  If you don’t think I am of age to be drinking then ask for my ID, which I will gladly present, but you don’t have to inform me that it is because you don’t think I look older than 21, the fact that you are asking form my ID says that itself.  All and all it isn’t a huge deal but it just gets old being told again and again that I don’t look twenty-one.  As I said previously I am well aware of this, that is why I always keep my ID on my when I go to bars or to the store to buy beer.  Oh well, such is life.

Anyway good to have the SC drivers license and also to be registered to vote in this state.  Now to really get down and look at getting myself some wheels.

~ by Nathaniel on July 10, 2008.

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