Wookie Philosophy

“I wear a hairy mask to conceal my insecurities about being 7 feet tall and awkward around females.  But, really, don’t we all wear masks?” ~ Wookie Plato and/or Evan

Speculating on if we were provided a translation for wookie roaring I have concluded that the large hairy creatures from Star Wars very likely are wise sages of all things philosophical.  Of course you may be tempted to point out the violent ways of said wookies but I will quickly rebuke your accusation and point out that in the Star Wars series we only really got to know one wookie, that of course being Chewbacca.  Yes Chewie might have had his moments of outburst but anyone who has taken the time to sit through a lecture on Existentialism and Wookie Angst would know that this is not because Han Solo’s large companion is a mindless beast.  All and all I see the philosophy of the wookies being highly impacted by the fact that they are misunderstood because of their large shaggy appearance and roarish language (not all that unlike a Yeti and/or Sasquatch — coincidence?  I think not).  Perhaps we should all take a moment and consider in what ways we have misjudged the wookies we know.

“I shed therefore I am.” ~Wookie Descartes and/or Me 

~ by Nathaniel on July 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Wookie Philosophy”

  1. The enemy of my enemy is Lando Calrissian.

  2. A wookie at rest must remain at rest unless acted on by an outside Jedi

  3. Genius Bear, utter Genius

  4. “HURRRRRRNNNNN HUUUUUURRN HUuuuuuRRRRRN” (Translation: Wookies make war that we may live in peace)” ~ Wookie Aristotle

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