The Doctors Office

I had a doctors appointment, the first in about five years I think.  It wasn’t all that bad but it also isn’t something I want (or intend for that matter) to be doing all that often.  I still dislike having blood drawn but besides that all and all the checkup went fine.

I wonder about the logic of the dislike people have for doctor and dentist offices.  I mean, all things considered these people are trying to help us out by keeping us healthy.  Still a lot of people, myself often included, have aversions to these places.  I’m sure there are some reasonable psychological reasons but I am not feeling in the mood for looking them up right now.  Personally I hate the hospital a lot more than either the plain old doctor office or the dentist, partially due to awaking in a hospital after suffering some pretty descent alcohol poisoning in my foolish and rowdy college days. The easiest medical visits in my personal opinion are the optometrist.  The only thing I don’t like about eye check0ups are those little puffs of air they do in your eyes, and really those are quite minor in comparison to being poked and prodded at your physician.

Oh well, got to keep healthy right?

~ by Nathaniel on July 31, 2008.

One Response to “The Doctors Office”

  1. One thing that I did learn at the doctors today that I found interesting is that, contrary to my personal belief I have not been gaining any weight. I weighed in at 138lb which is within about two standard deviations up or down from what I’ve weighed for about the past five years.

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