“Young Frankenstein”

Just watched one of my all time favorite movies down at the Handlebar (they do a free movie showing every Monday night).  “Young Frankenstein” is, I think, possibly Mel Brooks greatest movies (in my opinion only “Blazing Saddles” might hold competition for that title).  Everything about “Young Frankenstein” just strikes me as genius.  The acting is perfect; Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Madeline Khan, Teri Garr, and Marty Feldman are all exceptional in their performances.  The cameo of Gene Hackman (as the blind hermit) is still one of my favorite scenes in film.  I think what I like best in the movie (besides the way it is filmed and the stunning acting) is the skillful delivery of the humor.  “Young Frankenstein” never strikes me as over-the-top or just ridiculous humor.  It hits the mark at every point with subtle precision; enough so that you have a good laugh but not so much that you end up rolling you eyes and saying “okay this is a bit much.”  In all honesty it it that aspect about this movie that I think is lacking from most of today’s comedies.  “Young Frankenstein” is funny (as is “Blazing Saddles”) because it is actually very smart and well done.  It doesn’t cut itself short with cheap laughs and stupid jokes but instead is patient and times its humor down to the exact second of a well thought catch phrase or slapstick moment.  I love it and greatly respect it.  “Young Frankenstien” is one of those wonderful pieces of film that I never grow tired of watching even though I can quote almost the entire movie.

~ by Nathaniel on August 4, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Young Frankenstein””

  1. Gene Wilder is a brilliant, brilliant man who needs to get more respect. The kids these days, they just don’t know.

  2. My favorite comedy of all time. I have seen it dozens of times and still laugh.

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