Pen/Pencil in Hand

For some reason (possibly because I wasn’t working quite as hard as I should have been), this afternoon, I got to thinking about the hand motor skills involved in using a pen or pencil to write and draw.  We take it for granted but there is really quite a lot of effort involved (hence why children have relatively messy writing when they are young).  In fact, as somebody who loves to draw, I wonder how much of the hand motor skill is directly related to ones ability to produce illustrations and pictures.  Obviously a lot of drawing deals with ones ability to to visualize objects in degrees of dimensions and perspective (and, to a certain, degree lighting and/or coloring).  But one cannot create pictures just by visualizing something.  One of my biggest frustrations when I am drawing myself is my ability to very clearly visualize what I wish to depict and then being unable to get my hands to work with me and put the visualization down on paper.  Obviously a big part of this is practice.  Just like how we need to practice our penmanship as children to learn how to write better if we spend the time practicing drawing we will also very likely improve. 

Just a contemplation for you pleasure (and mine).

~ by Nathaniel on August 5, 2008.

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