Who Will Batman Fight Next

For the record I meant to post this two days ago  comics, Catwoman. . . I’m just lazy.

Ever since watching “The Dark Knight” a few weeks back I have been asking myself this question.  Heath Ledger did such a fantastic job playing the Joker that it is hard to think of which of the other Batman villains would actually work in another movie.  Well here is what some of the writers of actual Batman comics think in regards to the next baddie.  It seems that there is a lot of consensus on Catwoman, which I think would work.  The thing is that Ledger’s Joker has kind of set the stage that all future Batman villains will have to live up to to make a movie as captivating as “The Dark Knight”.  Granted there could always be a huge sell out to make a crappy third installment like “Spider-Man 3” or “X-Men: The Last Stand” but I think if this was done with Batman you might actually incite a riot.

~ by Nathaniel on August 9, 2008.

One Response to “Who Will Batman Fight Next”

  1. Unsure of how credible this is, but it seems like I saw a mention of Johnny Depp as the Riddler somewhere.

    But I agree with you and the writers that Catwoman would be a good direction, especially after certain events from The Dark Knight (I don’t want to say too much about that and spoil anything for someone that hasn’t seen it).

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