A Whole Slew . . .

So over the past week I found a whole bunch of things that I wanted to post about (and fully intended on doing so) but life seemed to throw a number of distractions in my way and as such Ihave not gotten around to it yet.  I am now presented with two choices. 1). Do I do a number of posts on each thing that I wanted to write about or 2). Do I just throw a shit load of stuff on to this post?

The Answer . . .

I am going to continue being lazy and just throw stuff on this post.

First, 2008 is the 50th anniversary of Mad Libs and the New York Times had this absolutely genius article, written by one of Mad Lib’s co-creators to commemorate the occasion.  Very cool.  I remember loving Mad Libs as a kid.  Not really sure why, maybe because the presented a controlled environment in which we could act silly. 

Next.  This animated video of an Interview with John Lennon.  The animation is spectacular and John Lennon . . . well he was just kind of a stoner hippie, but still pretty cool.  Check it!

Lastly (on fun discoveries of the week), if Christians have there good ol’ Jesus summer camps for their kids what do Satanist have for their children?  Such was contemplated on Salon.com.  I greatly enjoyed.

Anything else big?  Well Bear and I went to see some Hydrogen Cars at the BMW plant on Saturday.  Check out Bear’s post and link to his Flickr group for the event.  Also, ate some BBQ and drank some beers this weekend, and some how managed to itch a part of my left foot to oblivion.  Good times all around.

Can anybody else believe that we are already more than halfway through August.  Crazy! Absolutely Crazy!

Peace Y’all!


~ by Nathaniel on August 17, 2008.

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