New Computer!!!

So I’ve been bitching about my computer for about as long as I’ve had it because really I feel like it was knd of a piece of junk.  Lately it has been acting even crappier than normal . . . slow as hell, programs crashing, all around just being a giant piece of shit.  Now I could have just kept on with my bitching but that was getting kind of tiring so today I owned up and bought myself a new computer.

I chose to purchase an HP Pavilion laptop.  I won’t go into all the specs just because all that stuff doesn’t really interest me all that much.   Having been playing around with it all afternoon I can say that it seems pretty nice.  I’m very excited to have a laptop again (it has been about 4.5 years since I last had one).  Also excited to have upgraded to Vista (even though I’ve heard some very mixed reviews of the operating system).

All around it was time for me to get a new computer.  Hopefully it will last me for quite some time and not encounter any big problems.

~ by Nathaniel on September 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Computer!!!”

  1. Congrats. The HP I’m using right now is my favorite laptop ever.

    As a heads up, getting an extra 9 volt battery. Well worth the extra cash.

  2. Do you have an extra battery just to keep with when you are unable to recharge? Or do the batteries just seem to have a hard time?

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