Libraries, Communities, and Funding

Having now worked in libraries for over five years (actually longer if I count the several years of volunteering in libraries that I did before college) I feel the need to at least offer some information about these institutions.  Admittedly this may just be another sign of my deeper integration with the system and my willingness to work “For the Man.”  Oh well . . .

Anyhow, two very interesting (and very long) studies that look at Libraries, the communities in which they exist, and the way in which they are funded (also what that funding is being used for). 

  1. From Awareness to Funding
  2. Libraries Connect Communities

Considering that the vast amount of Public Library funding comes from the local community anyone who is a tax payer may be interested in these two studies as they both really look at the demand for library funding and what libraries are offering the communities that they reside in.  Very interesting stuff in my opinion. 


Note: I found the first study almost two months ago, while the second one I found this morning.  I think it is interesting that The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation help fund both of them.  Does Bill Gates love libraries?

~ by Nathaniel on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “Libraries, Communities, and Funding”

  1. Further note: Looking at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website it seems that they are definitely big supporters of U.S. Libraries. Good for them. I appreciate it.

    Also, another note . . . the two studies are pretty big PDF files, if you are interesting in reading them it may be easier to rick click and “save target as” than trying to open them in your browser.

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