Tea Kettle

I like tea just in case y’all didn’t know.  I’ve been drinking tea for far longer than have I been drinking coffee (coffee has only happened in the last few years whereas I’ve liked tea since I was a little kid).  In college I had an awesome electric tea kettle, it wasn’t anything fancy but it got the job done right (ie. it boiled water good).  I am not sure what happened to that electric tea kettle, probably somewhere up north in Vermont.  What I do know is that I do not have it down here.  As such I have drank relatively little hot tea since moving to South Carolina, which admittedly is kind of silly considering that it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to boil water.  Anyway, not the point . . . the point is that yesterday, while home sick, I went and bought a tea kettle to make myself some hot tea (tea is one of my favorite things to drink when I am feeling ill).  It isn’t in any way a high quality tea kettle, but like the electric one it does a decent job of the water boiling.  I must have drank about four or five cups of tea throughout the day yesterday.  And the god news is that I am feeling considerably better this morning (not to say that is solely due to tea consumption, I did spend most of yesterday in bed sleeping and taking medicine).

Personal tea preferences

  • Hot:  Brewed strong, no sugar (occasionally a little honey . . . but very very little)
  • Iced: Also brewed strong, southern style (aka. a shit load of sugar)
My personal favorite type of tea is Earl Grey.  I really love the bergamot flavor.  I am also really partial to green and white teas.  An English Breakfast tea is really superb during the meal it is named after.

~ by Nathaniel on September 26, 2008.

One Response to “Tea Kettle”

  1. There’s only one kind of tea in my book – sweet and iced. Too much sugar can definitely ruin tea though, as I prefer my beverages as a liquid and not a syrup.

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