Cowgirls Wear Cowboy Boots

So I went onto facebook a little while ago.  When I looked at my profile to see if there was anything important that I needed to update I noticed this add on the left side:

It made me laugh, not so much because I have never seen the ridiculous various “meet singles” adds that appear all over Facebook, but more so because Yesterday while at the Clemson football game I was telling Paivi how I would love to meet a girl who likes to wear cowboy boots (of which there were several at the game, all whom I failed to meet).  So seeing the above advertisement makes me almost beg the question: How well does Facebook know how to market to me?  Likely it is just a random coincidence that makes for a good laugh but then again who knows, I mean cowgirls very likely do wear cowboy(girl) boots.  

Just thought I’d share. 

~ by Nathaniel on September 28, 2008.

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