Holy Happiness!

Greatest day of my life maybe.  Just did a Google image search for Zombie Vs. Robot because I wanted to see if there were any pictures from Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood‘s comic (which I just learned is actually titled Zombies Vs. Robots – gotta note the plural).  But anyway, when you do a Google image search for Zombie vs. Robot what picture comes up first?  Holy shit how about this one!  Yeah, pretty badass right?  Oh and in case you don’t get the full bad assery of that picture consider this . . . I drew it mother fuckers!  I originally uploaded it to the General way back in February (you can read the original post here).  Sweet!

Okay, sure, it is just Google Images search, in fact my drawing probably won’t be number one for all that long, still I think it is pretty cool, especially because I like the drawing.  I need to go back and finish with the rendering on it.  Maybe a project for the weekend?

Interestingly enough, when I first drew the picture I had not yet heard that the was a comic called Zombies Vs. Robots, when I found out about it I almost had a heart attack.  I was kind of like, “Somebody was genius enough . . . to make a comic . . . in which zombies . . . fight robots?  Holy crap how come I was not informed immediately?”

~ by Nathaniel on October 1, 2008.

One Response to “Holy Happiness!”

  1. Your Zombie cred grows stronger every day.

    Soon you will get the first PhD in Zombie.

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