Bird Art

I really like birds, don’t really know why, but just do.  I also really like trying to draw birds, though I am not very good at this.  As such bird related art interests me a lot.   The New York Times today provides a nice slide show of some bird art and photographs of various bird nests.  Very cool.

I think John James Audubon‘s illustrations are fascinating and beautiful.

Passenger Pigeons by John James Audubon

Passenger Pigeons by John James Audubon

~ by Nathaniel on October 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bird Art”

  1. i think he forgot to shadow the bottom bird like he did with the top one. It looks great though

  2. This painting by Audubon shows female (top) and male (bottom) Passenger Pigeons. This is why the difference in coloration between the two. These are extinct species. I’ve seen one of these myself, however. At the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. Too bad they are gone…

  3. I’m a big fan of birds …
    I’ve just start drawing them …
    this website helped me alot …

    THANK YOU !!

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