At a Time-ish

Last night, at the bar (specifically Sassafras), a couple of us discussed the use of -ish at the end of a time.  We were inconclusive as to the proper use of -ish added to a time and as such I have set out to lay down some basic -ish ground rules.  Here they are.

  1. Any time supplemented with -ish denotes a ten (10) minute buffer zone in which one can arrive at a designated location and be within the time-ish.  Example:  If you say you will meet your friend at the park at 6:00-ish then you have between 5:50 and 6:10 to make good on your time-ish commitment.
  2. The use of a time-ish should be reserved for purely casual occasions and avoided in any event that may be considered formal and/or professional.  The reason for this is because the use of the -ish denotes a lack of commitment or decisiveness.  It is okay to tell your friend Jerry that you will be at the bar around 8:00-ish.  On the other hand it is inappropriate to tell a business client that you would like to schedule a meeting for 2:30-ish.  In the latter case be specific and state an actually time (2:30).  Further a time-ish scheduling should be avoided in all cases where you and a significant other plan to go out and do something (aka a date) because, as stated above, the use of -ish can be taken to represent a lack of commitment.
  3. Over -ishers are fair game for an intervention.  The use of -ish, not just in it’s time related sense, is somewhat like a drug and unfortunately some individuals are unable to use in moderation.  A person who over -ishs needs help.  Watch for the signs.  Do they repeatedly schedule events at a time-ish?  Have they referred to food as having a flavor-ish quality?  Is -ish being added in completely nonsense ways, like “That man-ish has a nice cat?”  Is -ish being used more than once in a sentence (this is a real serious sign, you may need to slap the individual to bring them back to reality at this point)?
Stating a time-ish isn’t wrong or bad, just remember that it has a time (note: not a time-ish) and place. Learn proper -ish etiquette and help spread awareness.

~ by Nathaniel on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “At a Time-ish”

  1. This is the most thought provoking blog post I’ve read in months. You are an intellectual semi-deity.

  2. Chris,

    I thank you for your comment my friend. The status of intellectual semi-deity shall not be put to base use but instead will be utilized with rigor and pizazz in the goal of solving major world problems like proper mayo ratios in regards to specific sandwiches.

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