Snipping Tool

I’ve had my new computer for a couple of months now and have thus gotten relatively used to using Windows Vista.  While there are a few features that I wish would work a little better or differently (which I imagine is pretty standard for any OS) all around I don’t mind Vista that much.  Really I don’t get what the huge complaint is.  I’ll admit that I am not a tech savvy genius and thus might be overlooking some aspects that really blow, but for general functionality I have had very few qualms so far.

That being said I would like to share possibly one of my favorite little tools included with Vista.  This is, as the title of this post says, the Snipping Tool.  I discovered tis tool shortly after purchasing my computer and have used it very regularly since.  I employ its services a lot when I am pursuing company logos or other images to put up on GSATC or just when I feel something is worth grabbing.  The tool is wonderfully simple and perfectly functional.  At work my computer has a screen capturing program called SnagIt which does essentially the same thing as the Snipping Tool but then brings the captured images to an editing software kind of like a stripped down version of Photoshop (I use SnagIt to grab images for the different manuals that I help make).

All and all the Snipping Tool is nothing fancy (though it is certainly better than “alt-prt sc” and having to crop from there).  I just enjoy it and want to thank Microsoft for providing it.

~ by Nathaniel on October 30, 2008.

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