Missing Burlington

Once again the New York Times has effectively made me miss my home state of Vermont with this wonderful little tour of Burlington, which is, quite honestly, my favorite city.  The article points out some of my favorite places in the city including Radio Bean, which in high school and when I was home from college was a frequent hang out place of mine.  Also American Flatbread and the delicious Zero Gravity craft brew that accompanies it (I recommend trying the grout beer which is flavored by herbs as opposed to hops).  Also have to love Red Square and Nectar’s.  I really can’t wait to go back to Vermont for Christmas and I hope to get to downtown Burlington at least once during my vacation.  It will be awesome because Ian, my brother, is 21 now so we can go get some beers at the Vermont Pub and Brewery or maybe pick up a couple of growlers at the Magic Hat brewery which is only about a five minutes drive away from the city.  Anyway, miss Vermont, miss Burlington, and miss all my peeps up in New England . . . (sigh).

Parents said it was snowing up there this week.  I do not miss that.

~ by Nathaniel on October 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Missing Burlington”

  1. Damn, that article makes me miss B-Town too. Kansas City was pretty sweet, but expensive as all hell and I now have no money left. But yeah, I can’t wait till I can finally enjoy some of-age establishments back home.

  2. Hey if you like Burlington Vermont food, check out my blog!

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