Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Hey!  It is Thanksgiving 2008 and I am still living it up in Greenville SC.  This is the second year in a row in which I will not be celebrating Thanksgiving with my whole family, though my brother will be visiting for a few days.  Unfortunately on the brother visiting end it means I need to drive up to Charlotte, NC this evening to pick him up . . . not exactly a fun thing to do on a holiday but it’ll still be pretty cool to see him.

Because of my brother’s late arrival a few of us who are around Greenville will be having an early dinner this afternoon.  I will be making the stuffing.  All and all it is kind of a Mansgiving this year as there ae a not really any of our female friends or family around.  As such Walker, Bear, and I consumed massive, very rare steaks last night.  Hurray for unhealthy eating!  Fried turkey and cracklin’ today.  Sausage in the stuffing.  No need to eat healthy on this holiday.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving.  Peace.

~ by Nathaniel on November 27, 2008.

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