I Need a Vacation . . . From My Vacation

Well, while it was nice not having to go into work over the past week and getting to hang out with my brother for a couple of days, I have to admit that I am absolutely exhausted.  It seems to me that I never really have a really relaxing vacation, regardless of whether I try to or not.  Interestingly the idea that even when we are breaking from our normal routine of work we still end up drained fits very well into my existential theory of human exhaustion.  Anyway, between taking care of a friends house, driving to and from both Atlanta and Charlotte a couple of times, rocking out at the Clemson vs. South Carolina (31-14 Tigers win), and drinking, as always, an exceptional amount . . . oh and Thanksgiving, that was in there somewhere too, I am all around drained.  On the upside I do not have to train any new employees this week (though that does not really necessitate an easy or relaxing week).  All and all good times though.  Great to see my brother for a few days, and great just not have to worry about work stuff.

My brother makes me look really little in this picture

My brother makes me look really little in this picture

~ by Nathaniel on November 30, 2008.

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