The Life of Brian . . . A Coincidence or a Sign?

After writing my post on Dudeism this morning I decided to read up some on religious satire (not that Dudeism is any such thing — it is a legit faith folks) on Wikipedia and fell on the article of Monty Python’s The Life of Brian.  In my opinion this may be one of the funniest and most absolutely genius films of all times (I have a lot of movies that I consider both funny and genius — yet this one may very well outshine them all).  I read the entire Wikipedia article for no other reason besides the fact that I was finishing my coffee and had little better to be doing.  Later this afternoon, while I had a moment of down time, I decided to briefly check The New York Times to see how the stock markets were doing (Dow ended +270 points) and noticed that A. O. Scott had a Critics’ Picks video review of the Life of Brian today.  Was this a mere coincidence or a sign from the above (possibly passed down the noodly appendage of the Almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster)?  I cannot say with any certainty whether it was one or the other but to be safe I have decided that I shall watch The Life of Brian this evening and take great enjoyment from it (I may also get around to watching The Big Lebowski as it has been entirely too long).

It is worth noting that the character of Brian in the above mentioned films could possibly fall into a Dudeist philosophy, even considering his few faults (primarily the tendancy to get stressed out).  Unfortunately he ends up being one of those poor sods who is in the proverbial “wrong place at the wrong time.”

~ by Nathaniel on December 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Life of Brian . . . A Coincidence or a Sign?”

  1. I feel it is worth noting that this is the third post in the last two days in which I have tagged The Big Lebowski, I definitely need to watch that movie.

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