Whiskey vs. Whisky; An FYI

In case your were wondering about the distinction between whiskey and whisky, Eric Asimov goes into detail about the alternate spellings pertaining to a group distilled alcohols.  Amazing how such a simple semantic difference is enough to ignite hostile attitudes.

And regardless of your preferences in spelling of alcohols I recommend that everybody living in the States and of legal age partake in at least one drink this fine day.  The reason why is that today is Repeal Day, celebrating the 21st Amendment, which on December 5th, 1933 repealed the 18th Amendment and ended Prohibition in the United States.  Celebrate your right to drink with a beer, a glass of wine, or a shot of whiskey (whisky) . . . hell whatever you prefer.

What a great thing to celebrate.

~ by Nathaniel on December 5, 2008.

One Response to “Whiskey vs. Whisky; An FYI”

  1. Excellent post. I didn’t know about Repeal Day being today!


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