Fast Filling Feeds

I like RSS.  Actually I Like RSS quite a lot, bordering on an addiction to incoming content.  And even though I try to keep my Reader (Google Reader to be exact) from getting over filled with unread feed content sometimes I just can’t do enough.  Part of the problem, I have found, is that certain feeds, have the amazing ability to fill with content in merely a matter of seconds.  Personally I am of the opinion that one should probably avoid subscribing to these feeds if they do not have the time to read them regularly.  Examples of such feeds:

  • CNET: Has to be one of the most fast filling RSS feeds I have yet encountered.  Only needs a day and there will already be over a hundred items piled up.
  • Time Magazine: Not as bad as CNET but still fills up rather quick and can get out of hand.
  • Serious Eats: Compared to the above two not even on the same page in consideration to Feed filling but still it amazes me just how much blog content about food can be cranked out a day . . . I suppose people had a similar thought when Food Network first began to run on the air.

The alltime worst though, so bad I had to unsubscribe because it was annoying . . .  Yup, it is just annoying, which is too bad because if I remember correctly you can set it so that it will inform you of the weather in your region which can be helpful when you are a living breathing pedestrian like myself.

~ by Nathaniel on December 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Fast Filling Feeds”

  1. I’ve just deleted a feed that was driving me crazy…over 300 posts a day and almost everything was repeated over and over again.

    The BBC news feeds fill up fast too, but they’re just too interesting to get rid of!

  2. Boing Boing is the worst on my list. The only reason I keep it is the fact that I’m bad at throwing things out.

  3. I’ve given up on my RSS reader. It’s hard enough to keep up with my emails. The noise to signal ratio has gotten out of control.

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