On Cookies . . . Or Why I Shouldn’t Read About Food I Enjoy Eating

So Slate.com has this wonderful on going discussion between a few contributers on the state of cookies and I made the foolish mistake of reading all their ideas and opinions.  Why foolish you ask?  Primarily because I didn’t get to eat lunch today (had to run some errands instead) and now am absolutely ravenous . . . I mean seriously, if somebody walked past my office with a cookie right now, I’d probably go after them like some kind of rabid animal . . . or perhaps a cookie zombie (which could be a more disturbing version of Cookie Monster I suppose).

Okay, let me just ask this . . . who the fuck doesn’t like cookies . . . and if you do not like them . . . why the fuck not?

Cookies are amazing . . . all cookies.  Very rarely do I encounter a cookie I do not enjoy and usually the reasons for lack of enjoyment are nothing to do with the cookie type and all about problems with the individual treat (eg. burnt, stale, etc.).  Personally I am a die hard chocolate chip cookie fan which likely stems from my adoration of chocolate in general.  I also love Oreos, which, while not even remotely close to the goodness of home baked cookies, are absolutely delightful.  But any other cookie will do as well.

Okay, got to stop writing this post because all it is doing is making my stomach long more for cookies.  I can almost see the newspaper headline now.  “Library Employee Detained After Assaulting Co-worker in Attempt to Obtain a Cookie.”  Bad news bears folks, going to have to go straight to the store after work and grab me some cookies.

~ by Nathaniel on December 12, 2008.

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