In Which Pandora Mysteriously Stops Working at Work . . . and Then Starts to Work Again

So I like to listen to Pandora at work mostly because I just find it relaxing to have some music playing while I am writing or working on some other project of some sort.  Generally I don’t encounter any problems with Pandora at work but then last week all the sudden nothing would play.  I was left baffled and kind of annoyed, especially considering that Pandora was still working at home.  Obviously something was fishy.  Then today for no apparent reason Pandora begins working again.  I am forced to conclude  that some conspiracy involving the library’s Internet and the use of Pandora was to blame.  What the nature of this conspiracy is I cannot say (though obviously mind control and wizardry are definite possibilities).

Anyhow, glad to have Pandora back.  Oh, and if you haven’t taken the time to check out Pandora I highly recommend it.  It is fun, easy to use, and lets you listen to a lot of music without having to do a lot of work of making playlists and such.

~ by Nathaniel on December 17, 2008.

One Response to “In Which Pandora Mysteriously Stops Working at Work . . . and Then Starts to Work Again”

  1. Sometimes Pandora pretends to be playing at my work, but no sound comes out. It’s odd. Also, what’s up with the new commercials? I didn’t mind the ads in the space on the page, but when it invades my ears, ick. That’s like real radio.

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