Vermont, Dec. 08

How to first describe Vermont when I got off the plane in Burlington yesterday?


How to describe Vermont about three hours later?


Since being in the state from about 11:30 yesterday morning we have seen about seven inches of snowfall, which is quite a lot.  I’ve already shoveled the driveway twice.  And while the snow is suppose to let up this afternoon it is then suppose to hit full force again at about 6 am tomorrow morning.  And people ask me why I moved to South Carolina.

But honestly I love it.  I’ve missed my home state quite a bit.  Sure it is cold and snowy, but that is a reality I grew up with.  It has been great getting to see my parents and my brother and grandmother.  Got to go out a bit and see a few familiar locations.  All around very nice . . . and no work to worry about either.

Going to get my shaggy mane of hair cut in a little while, it is way over due.  Also shaved off my failed attempted at growing a mustache this morning.  I have come to the final, definitive conclusion that I will never be endowed with good facial hair.  It is a tragic reality true, but one I must face and accept.

Anyway, I hope everybody enjoys a pleasant week wherever you may be.  I’ll be heading back to SC next Sunday and get to get right back into the heat of things by having a new hire training on Monday.  Such is life.

~ by Nathaniel on December 20, 2008.

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