On being sick . . . and really hating it

I do not think I have been as sick as I am right now since I moved to Greenville back in June 2007.  Honestly this sucks.  I guess what really blows my mind, what really annoys me as well, is the fact that I just came out of a four day weekend, which I spent almost entirely in a state or rest and relaxation.  The whole reason I had taken the long weekend in a hope of preventing illness coming out of vacation in Vermont.  Damn-it!  It didn’t work.

I am not a person who copes with being sick very well because I can be very stubborn and try to insist that I am okay when really I am not.  Well here I am admitting it . . . I am sick.  Fuck.

I tried calling the doctor’s office this afternoon to see if there was a time I could come in sometime tomorrow but they are entirely booked up.  I am also frustrated by the fact that I was feeling marginally better this morning but by lunch time I was full blown miserable and had to go home.  Been sleeping for about the last three hours, which hasn’t been too bad, but still stuffed up and still got a killer headache and the chills.  Fucking germs . . . what a horrible thing to have to deal with.

And honestly I know I probably don’t have it that bad compared to the sickness some people get, but it still makes life suck while you got it.  Hopefully I can get rid of this over the weekend and be better for next week.  It is altogether too draining and I got to much shit to do this at work right.  Oh yeah, being sick makes me really grumpy and short tempered, part of the reason it is better that I stay home from work.

Fucking colds . . . I tell ya.


~ by Nathaniel on January 8, 2009.

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