RIP Montalban and McGoohan

Geeks and nerds everywhere mourn the deaths of actors Ricardo Montalbán and Patrick McGoohan.  Montalbán was 88 and McGoohan was 80.

Montalban, who is probably best know for his role on Fantasy Island as Mr. Roarke, played the role of famous Star Trek villain Khan Noonien Singh, who appeared in a 1967 television episode and the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

McGoohan is best know for his role as the protagonist, known only as Number 6,  in the bizarre but utterly fascinating short lived 1960s television series The Prisoner.

Personally I am much more fond of The Prisoner than I am of Star Trek (Star Trek is just a bit too nerdy for me to really get into, which is saying a lot all things considered) but I will say that The Wrath of Khan is a pretty decent movie, especially with Kirk screaming “KHAN!!!”  Still, The Prisoner, which I think I have written about on this blog once before, is a really interesting piece of television.  It may be one of the single strangest shows I have ever seen and yet I still cannot help but be fascinated by it.  If you have never seen it before I recommend checking out because it really is pretty unlike anything else (though it is very likely partially responsible for the development of recent series like LOST).

~ by Nathaniel on January 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “RIP Montalban and McGoohan”

  1. KHAN!!!

  2. Ricardo Montalban epitomized the suave host image; i just recently found out he starred in the Wrath of Khan too, crazy

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