Bar Hopping ’09 (a January Edition)

Made the rounds at the bars in Greenville this weekend.  Been quite a while since I last went out and and all.  All around had a good ol’ time.  Hit up The Handlebar and Blue Ridge last night , and made it in to Chicora and Casbah tonight.  As I said, it has been awhile since I’ve done the significant bar hopping which makes me kind of sad.  Bar hopping brings back good ol’ college memories, even though Plymouth didn’t have a lot of bars.  It was all just the fun of wondering around with a decent buzz and laughing with a bunch of friends.  So yeah, good weekend, even considering the ill (hangover) effects.  Hope everybody else has been rocking it lately.

Almost done the first month of 2009 . . . madness I tell you.  Time flies and nothing lasts.

~ by Nathaniel on January 25, 2009.

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