. . . The Things Of Which We Speak

My former college roommate and close friend Nate and I have been engaging in a number of bizarre, nerdy, and philosophical discussions via GChat recently.  Nate, being the genius that he is, noted that such discussions were worthy of comic illustration for their general absurdity.  I had to agree.  As such Nate has begun to expertly render our talks into panels involving, strangly expressive stick figures. I have also sent along some of my own illustrative interpretations to accompany them.

My personal favorite thus far is the discussion of Viking Funerals.  1). Because it includes zombies and 2). because I honestly believe it has to be the most interesting way my body can be disposed of when I am done with it.  I have shared my desire to have a viking funeral with other people before.  The thing the comic leaves out is that the only viking end of it is really the longship and the viking helmet, besides that I want to be garbed in a bathrobe and have slippers on my feet . . . and I want my treasures to be like a couple dozen cases of beer.  And don’t forget the necromancer, just for good measure.

It would be so fucking awesome to be a viking zombie causing chaos for the local Coast Guard division

It would be so fucking awesome to be a viking zombie causing chaos for the local Coast Guard division

~ by Nathaniel on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “. . . The Things Of Which We Speak”

  1. On the matter of necromancy . . . I think it would be hilarious if you could look up a necromancer in the phone book, but like if it was just accompanied with some other form of general labor. Something like “Pete’s Plumbing and Necromantic Arcana.” A service the modern world should not be without.

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