Looking Back . . . and Then Forward . . . Chad VanGaalen is Still Awesome

Way back in March of ’07 (almost two years ag now . . . holy fuck!) I wrote a brief and rather boring post on a musician named Chad VanGaalen. Well now, I feel the need to write another post on Mr. VanGaalen’s music.

You see I bought Chad VanGaalen’s latest album, “Soft Airplane” a few months back.  With it’s addition I now own all three of his albums, the other two being “Infiniheart” and “Skelliconnection.”  The strange thing is that I bought “Soft Airplane” but didn’t really listen to it all that much for until about two weeks ago or so.  Then I put it in at work one day and just let it play, like two or three times, and I had a kind of “damn this is some really good stuff” moment.  Not that I was really surprised, considring my enjoyment of Mr. VanGaalen’s other two albums.

I think that “Soft Airplane” may be Chad VanGaalen’s most accessible album in comparison to the others, which may be due to the fact that all the songs on it were new just for the album, as opposed to the other two where the songs were pulled from a huge collection he had recorded himself.  And while I think “Soft Airplane” provides a more accessible album, that doesn’t mean that I think Chad VanGaalen has sacrificed his uniqueness of sound on it.  I guess that is what I really like about his music, it really doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve listened to in recent years.  For some people this might be a turnoff because it comes off as just too strange (the same with his self animated music videos kind of) but to me it strikes as being truly original and just damn good.  As such Chad VanGaalen is probably one of my most listened to artists right now (up there with Michael Franti & Spearhead and Murder By Death).

Interestingly, I wrote the first post about Chad VanGaalen only a little while after I crashed my car back in college, and I write this one, almost two years later, right after buying a new car.  Not planning on crashing this one . . . I hope.

~ by Nathaniel on January 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Looking Back . . . and Then Forward . . . Chad VanGaalen is Still Awesome”

  1. Admittedly the above video of is really strange, if not a little disturbing, but it’s Chad VanGaalen, he does some weird stuff. But personally I think it all still rocks.

  2. That video style is like SpongeBob SquarePants meets Matt Furie meets Gerald Scarfe meets The Ring. Very awesome.

    The song is good for a moody soundtrack, but I wouldn’t expect him to go mainstream anytime soon.

    • I agree . . . VanGaalen can produce some very interesting and different music, but for the majority of people I think he is just a bit too extreme or strange. In some ways I see a similarity between him and Sonic Youth. Both innovative artists/bands out their pushing the edge, but ultimately under appreciated because what they create is a little too much for an art form so often dictated by popular whim. Perhaps in ten or twenty years VanGaalen will have a decent sized cult following. His videos alone are enough to keep me listening.

    • Also . . . Matt Furie’s stuff never fails to interest me. So surreal, grotesque, and all around awesome. I’ve seen his work before (I think you showed it to me) but it has been awhile since I looked at it. I love it. Wish I could draw stuff as good as his.

  3. Speaking of Matt Furie…

    Take a look at this drawing and then take a look at the 1:50 mark in this VanGaalen video. Every good genre is incestuous.

  4. VanGaalen is Canadian! I dig it.

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