Haircut Machine

I think there would be some serious bank in inventing a machine which could automatically cut your hair in the style you want . . . you know . . . like something that was on the Jetsons.  Hell I’d buy one.

Okay, sure, such a device might have some serious upfront  cost (how could it not) but I imagine, if you consider how many times a year you go for a haircut and how much it cost each time, ultimately it would probably be worth it.  And you’d save on gas!  Though such a machine, which would probably be kind of robotic would be kind of scary (remember . . . self aware robots must be stopped!).  Whatever, it would still be convenient.

I guess I am thinking about this because I am coming into the stage of being in desperate need of a haircut and it just makes me think how much I hate having to go get a haircut.  Really, it is one of my least favorite things to do; both the going and getting part and the paying part.  Grrrr, and I have to get it done before the 16th of February because that is Staff Day for GCLS, which I am presenting at.  Don’t want the library employees to think that I am a nappy haired hippie deviant . . . hard enough to convince them to follow proper procedures and policies as it is.

~ by Nathaniel on February 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Haircut Machine”

  1. To be fair, the Judy Jetson’s hair robot is more of a hair *styling* robot than a hair cutting one.

    • This is true . . . but I imagine that the modification to hair cutting ability would not be overly difficult in the Jetson’s reality considering the extent of all their other technology.

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