In Which I Hate My Printer at Work

Well, the title of this post just about sums up my feelings toward the printer in my office.  In my entirely life of having to use printers to print stuff (as printers are meant to be used — coincidentally they are not very good for use as roofing tools) I have never encountered a machine as arbitrarily unreliable as the one in my office.  Some days, like today, it works so poorly I am driven to the point where I begin to assume the inanimate object is actually refusing to work out of spite.  And the biggest problem really is just how arbitrary its disfunction tends to be.  It will print 200 pages with no qualms, but then refuse time in again just to print a single page of the same paper stock.  It can make a beautiful full color print of a piece of art work or some other many colored picture and yet refuse to print a single highlight in blue or yellow for no reason.  The problem is that you cannot expect it, though it does seem to adhear to Murphy’s Law from time to time.  Perhaps that’s what it is; Murphy’s Printer.  I hate it very much.

~ by Nathaniel on February 5, 2009.

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