New Beer Brewing! Wheat Style

Last night Evan and I both brewed a batch of wheat beer.  Evan did an all-grain wheat with a Bavarian yeast and a secret ingrediant which I will not disclose here.  I also did a wheat beer, albeit not an all-grain one, instead using some dry wheat malt extract.  All around we think that both beers have quite a bit of potential and we are looking forward to possibly blending some of both together.

Here is the rundown on the one I did:

Weizen Suprema (Kind of)

2# Munich Malt
2# Belgian Pils
6# Dried Wheat Extract (Muntons)
1ox Hersbrucker Pellet hops @ 10min
2 bags of Tazo Ginger green tea @ 60 min
Approx 1 tsp of corriander @ 15 min
5 Gallons
OG – 1.050 +

We are both excited to see how the ginger tea and corriander flavors develop. Here is hoping it all comes out good.  I will update again when we reacht he next stage, secondary, in about two weeks or so.

~ by Nathaniel on February 13, 2009.

One Response to “New Beer Brewing! Wheat Style”

  1. […] after Christmas.  Evan made his second batch of the Bourbon Barrel Old Ale.  In comparison to the wheat beers of last week these two will definitely be quite a bit darker and maltier.  We are tempted to say that the Old […]

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