More Beer

So, being the avid beer lovers that we are, Evan and I decided to brew two more batches of beer last night.  I brewed a Copper Ale from ingredients that I had purchased after Christmas.  Evan made his second batch of the Bourbon Barrel Old Ale.  In comparison to the wheat beers of last week these two will definitely be quite a bit darker and maltier.  We are tempted to say that the Old Ale will be really hoppy but considering that it sits in fermentation for about eight months we are guessing that a lot of the hop flavor will thin our come November or so.  Personally I think Evan’s Old Ale from last year was one of his best brews, albeit incredibly strong, so you would only want to have one at any given time.  Personally I look forward to the Copper Ale, which should be a nice middle of the road brew without too overpowering hop flavor or too much alcohol content.  I am hoping that it has a similar flavor to Otter Creek’s Copper Ale which is one of my favorite craft brewed beers (which unfortunately has not made it down to South Carolina).

Here is the rundown for the Copper Ale:

  • Specialty Grain — 8oz Munich, 2oz Roasted Barley, 6oz Caramel
  • 6lbs Gold Liquid Malt Extract
  • 1lb Light Dry Malt Extract
  • 1oz Cascade Hops added at start of 60min boil for bittering
  • 1oz Glacier Hops added with 15min remaining in boil for flavoring

The starting gravity for this beer was 1.042, so it will probably be a bit of a lighter beer in regards to alcohol (not in color, which is already a dark copperish hue).  All around should be a nice drinking beer.  It will take at least two weeks in primary, and another two in secondary, and then need at least two in the bottle for finishing so I am looking for this to be done near the end of March.

That being said, the Weizen Suprema seems to be coming along well and I will probably rack to secondary either tomorrow or Friday depending on how much action appears to be going on in there this afternoon.

~ by Nathaniel on February 18, 2009.

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