How to Laze Like a Pro

Well, I would recommend doing much like what I have done for the last three days, which is a whole lot of nothing.  I took Thursday and Friday off this week, because, after completing our Staff Day I was feeling the need for a break.  Of course I didn’t really have anything that I needed to do or any major plans.  So pretty much I’ve just lain around a bunch the last couple of days.  Not too bad really, actually kind of nice to just kick back and not have much to worry about.  And I did do some stuff.  Today I got up early and planted some trees in Travelers Rest for Trees Greenville.  Yesterday I finally went to the grocery store (had been almost 2.5 weeks since my last visit).  Oh, and I paid bills, which really wasn’t all that exciting, but it needed to be done anyways.

My personal theory is that, for a person to remain relatively sane, one should take breaks for laziness sake every now and then.  Sometimes I just feel like we get to caught up in the idea of work and functionality and don’t consider that it can be really nice to just lie about, watch some TV, eat some food, maybe blast some good tunes.  Helps to revitalize oneself.  Then you can hit the ground running off the next thing, whatever that may be (for me it will be working until 8:00 or 8:30 pm on Monday, which is a rather long day in comparison to what I am used to).

Anyhow, even if you did have to work yesterday and Thursday, I hope the end of February is treating everybody nicely. I also hope it’ll get warmer here in Greenville soon.  Sure sun is nice, but if it is still chilly and windy there isn’t much that one wants to do outside.

~ by Nathaniel on February 21, 2009.

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