Alarm Reliance

I don’t generally rely on my alarm to wake me up in the morning.  My internal clock has always been quite good at waking me about ten minutes before I really want to get up.  Nevertheless I still set the alarm, part f this is out of habit and part of it is for that “just in case” occurrence (which do happen now and again, albeit not very often).  All that being said I find myself annoyed when my alarm doesn’t go off (even considering I hate the sound of my alarm).  I guess it is part of the whole morning routine thing, which over the past year and a half I have gotten down pretty well.  I don’t like it to be broken.  So, when I forget to turn my phone on after work (my phone is my alarm) the alarm does not end up going off in the morning, also, I usually have some missed calls or texts.  This morning was the case, and while I did not end up getting up late, I am still irritated.  Part of it, I think, is that I like to hit snooze once or twice, not because I want to go back to sleep, but because I like to delay getting up in my cold room (and it is freezing, one morning my clock/thermometer — I’m a geek I know — read 44 degrees Fahrenheit, brrrrr).  I guess I could just get an alarm clock and not rely on my phone, but that doesn’t seem too fun either.  I shall just live with it for now, and hope I remember to turn my phone on upon leaving work.

Another thing, in mentioning morning routine, I am still not comfortable with the fact that I have developed a very set work day morning routine.  This is something both my parents seemed to possess while I was growing up, and I never thought one day I’d be the same way.  Nevertheless, here I am.  Get up at 6am every morning, shower, make coffee, read The New York Times, check a few emails, and then go to work around 8am or so.  Pretty much every day.  How mundane.

~ by Nathaniel on February 24, 2009.

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