When Did I Become a Professional Speaker?

Talking to a whole bunch of librarians and other library staff . . . and rocking an awesome tie while I do it

Talking to a whole bunch of librarians and other library staff . . . and rocking an awesome tie while I do it


So I was doing my regular bi-weekly training this morning and it suddenly dawned on me, “I’m a paid speaker.”  Sure I do a lot of other things like document development/management and training research and a whole slew of other odd jobs, but one of my main functions working in the Staff Development Department is speaking both to individuals or small groups as well as to whole crowds.  It is not necessarily a communications job, though the ability to communicate (specifically to speak) is obviously very important.

The thing is that I don’t really like having to talk in front of a whole bunch of people, especially when I don’t know most or all of them.  Sure I can hold a long and steady conversation with friends and family, enough so that people who know me might consider me rather talkative, but getting in front of strangers and talking to them about ILS computer programs or good customer service skills is not exactly something I think of as being good at doing.  And yet somehow I keep doing it and haven’t had any major problems. 

Just strange, hadn’t previously thought of my job as being a speaker and yet it very often is.

~ by Nathaniel on February 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “When Did I Become a Professional Speaker?”

  1. Something about that picture just cracks me up. One of my co-workers took it at our Staff Day last week. Can’t tell if it is the just the moment or the fact that I was actually up on a small stage talking to some 200 library staff about creativitiy and how to bring it into realization in the work place. That tie really is one of my favorite ties though.

  2. The only woman who’s face we can see seems extremely excited about whatever it is you are speaking about. Or not.

  3. I think you have found your calling. Do it!

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