Snow in SC, 2009

So the first day of March and we here in Greenville, SC receive a nice bit of snow.  Who would have thought it?  I feel slightly defeated, because earlier this winter (or in the months I consider winter), back in December, I made the statement that I didn’t expect to see any snow at all this winter season.  How wrong I was.

So yeah, we got what looks to be about two inches or so, not a lot by Vermont standards, but quite significant down here in the south.  It is kind of fun to see.  Of course it is really wet and is already melting fast even though it is approaching the middle of the night.  Nice to shake things up though.

Anyhow, great, snow, lets have the warm weather now.  I’m tired of my room being freezing cold.

Update: 7:45 am, Monday March 2nd

Well the snow has delayed opening the library until at least noon today, which is pretty nice (though I wish I could have found this out last night so I could have slept in a little).  There really isn’t all that much, maybe two inches or so.  But it does appear to be icy, and considering probably nobody in the whole county has snow tires on their vehicle, it is probably better to play it safe.  Here are a couple of pictures of the great South Carolina Snow of March 2009.

My car covered in icy snow . . . damn, I don't have a scraper

My car covered in icy snow . . . damn, I don't have a scraper

Our neighborhood is a winter wonderland

Our neighborhood is a winter wonderland

Snow snow snow!

Snow snow snow!

Update: 11:55 am Monday March 2nd

Library closed all day today.  Fuckin’ sweet!  It is funny because it is actually really nice outside right now (besides being fuckin’ balls cold).  But hey, gotta love a free three day weekend.  I think I will do some dishes and then rack the copper ale to secondary.  I’ll take some pictures as well.

~ by Nathaniel on March 1, 2009.

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