The Tasty Wheat Beers

Evan’s and my wheat beers are all done the priming stage and are now nice and bubbly.  Last night I went over to Meg and Evan’s house and we cracked a couple of the beers open.  Delicious stuff!  While Evan’s definitely is sweeter than it was prior to priming, it is still a pretty dry beer, with a nice light, and relatively clear color.  His yeast produced a slight flavor which is not unlike banana (this is actually not bad at all, as it is not overpowering in any way).  My beer turned out to be a dark cloudy orange with a lot of the hefeweizen sediment in it.  The flavor is rich and Belgian-like, with almost a candied quality to it.  The ginger flavor pulls through ever so subtly, and seems to be present lingering on lips and tongue after a drink.  This is great as I was worried about the beer being too ginger flavored.  As far as alcohol content goes, we estimated Evan’s to be around 4.5%.  Originally that is about where we put mine as well, but after trying some last night, and feeling a bit more heady effects, I am thinking that mine may be closer to 5%.  All around I would call our venture into wheat beer brewing a great success.  I will strongly consider brewing another batch of this in the future.

This is only the second beer I have ever brewed.  My third, the copper ale, is still in fermentation process, I will provide more details about it when it gets closer to being ready.  Hooray for brewing fun!

~ by Nathaniel on March 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Tasty Wheat Beers”

  1. You musn’t forget the foray into the world of Russian foods:

  2. Excellent! I can’t wait to try them.

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