Lukewarm Coffee . . . BLEH!!

Hot Coffee = Delicious!  Iced Coffee = Delicious!

Lukewarm coffee?

How about = assy bean water?

Seriously, I love hot coffee and I love iced coffee, but that middle temperature range is just disgusting.  Do other people feel this way or is it just me?  I feel pretty much the same about tea too.  Hot and iced are wonderful but middle, room temperature, lukewarm is just nasty.

Beer on the other hand is a whole different grading in regards to optimal temperature.  Many people thin it should be icy cold (which if it is a Bud Light is probably the only way it is palatable).  Personally, for good beer, I prefer (as do many other people) it to be a little cooler than room temperature.  Too cold and you are likely to miss some of the important flavors.  Too warm and . . . well warm beer is all around not very nice.

It is interesting to think about optimal temperature for foods and beverages.  What others?  Wine?  Red at room and white chilled.  Soda, almost always cold (though room temp Moxie is actually pretty good).

~ by Nathaniel on March 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lukewarm Coffee . . . BLEH!!”

  1. I certainly don’t like my beer warm, but I do enjoy at room temperature.

    Granted, “room temperature” in my Boston apartment tends to be 58 degrees…..

    • Good point . . . didn’t think of the fact that room temperature changes with latitude. Down her in SC, in the summer, you can expect room temperature to be in the mid 70s if not higher. Sure the sunny days are nice, but sometimes I miss the reasonably cooler summers of New England. 75 to 80 degrees is too warm for any beer.

  2. I prefer beer slightly below room temperature. Both red and white wine I prefer at room temperature as well. If it’s a good wine, even white, I don’t like it chilled because it takes away from the flavor.

    Otherwise, you are right, coffee is terrible lukewarm. I’m not a tea drinker, so I can’t speak for that. And everything else is better cold.

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