I Still Hate April Fools Day

As I explained last year, I hate April Fools Day . . . and as the title should suggest to clever individuals this is not something which has changed in recent history.  Actually I have added loathing of the stupid day this year because my dad burned me with a preemptive April Fools moment.  It really pissed me off. 

Here is the background.

A little over a week ago I sent my parents an email about the awesome upcoming event of Pete Seeger 90s birthday in NYC.  Everything about the event just sounds wonderful and I was talking to them (my parents) about how much I would like to go (unfortunately I already have obligations right around that time in May). 

This past Friday my Dad called me.  Nothing terribly strange about this besides the fact that I had already talked to my mom earlier in the afternoon and wasn’t expecting a call from my dad.  So the following goes down.

  • Dad: Hey bud, how’re things?
  • Me: Not too bad, talked to Mom earlier.
  • Dad: Yeah, she said you got a call from Andrea today (which indeed I had)
  • Me: Yeah, it was great to hear from her.  It sounds like things are going really well for her in New Hampshire (also true, Andrea just got offered a position as an art teacher for next year.  Congrats Andrea!)
  • Dad: So guess what I am going to be doing?
  • Me: (clueless) I don’t know, what?
  • Dad: I am going to that Pete Seeger birthday thing you sent us the email about.
  • Me: (excited but skeptical) What?  Really?
  • Dad:  Yeah, really.  I checked out tickets online after you sent the email and found one for a really reasonable price.  I can’t turn down an opportunity like this.
  • Me: (still skeptical, in fact with a momentary thought of “this almost sounds like an April Fools prank” but ultimately disregarding it because “hey, it isn’t April 1st yet.”) Are you serious?  You’re going by yourself?
  • Dad:  Yeah, well mom wouldn’t really enjoy driving all the way to New York just to stand in a massive crowd all day long.  But I am going to take a day off, listen to the great music, and stay in a hotel for the night.
  • Me: (falling into belief because it is true the whole mom probably not enjoying it thing.  Also dad sounds so sincere) Wow!  That is awesome!  I’m jealous because I really wanted to go to that.
  • Dad: Yeah, I know.  Guess what else.
  • Me: What?
  • Dad: EARLY APRIL FOOLS! Hahahahahahah! (much maniacal laughter here)
  • Me: (fuming) Damnit! . . . What? . . . You can’t fuckin’ do that!  You Can’t do an early April Fools!  Ahhhhh!  You’re an ass!
  • Dad: (still laughing) Oh, it is so funny . . . so easy too.

Damnit is so frustrating.  He is too good at it.  And even when I have the moment where I think “this is full of crap,” I still relinquish it and he still burns me.  And what really gets my goat is that they aren’t even that good April Fools, my dad just thinks he is hilarious.  It drives me crazy.  I may have to refuse to talk to my dad for the whole month of April just so he doesn’t do it to me again (I certainly won’t talk to him on April 1st).  

So annoying and frustrating. 

I hate fuckin’ April Fools Day

~ by Nathaniel on March 30, 2009.

One Response to “I Still Hate April Fools Day”

  1. There are several reasons your dad’s joke was in poor April Fool’s taste.

    1. It wasn’t funny, it was just untrue.
    2. An April Fool’s joke should always suggest something slightly awful and outrageous, so when it turns out to be fake, you are relieved, not disappointed.
    3. The joke should be steadily exaggerated to the point where the other person realizes for themselves it is too ridiculous to be true.
    4. It should always be told on April Fool’s Day. Duh.

    Very sad. No wonder you hate the holiday.

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