A Reality

In the Southern United States (or at least South Carolina) you can’t get your hair cut on Easter Sunday (truth be told, this fact may apply for nearly the entire US, but seeing as I live in the south I thought I might be a little more specific).  Of course I should have realized this before I went to try and find a place to get a haircut yesterday, but not being a very devoted observer of Easter (or really any religious holidays for that matter) it kind of slipped my mind.  You can, however, buy beer on Easter Sunday (at least in the city limits of Greenville you could), this was a good thing.  So in failing to get a much needed haircut I turned to the comforts of some Magic Hat #9s which was a delicious way to spend early Easter afternoon prior to going to Meg and Evan’s for a cookout.  All around Sunday was well spent and enjoyable, even if I still have a shaggy mane of hair on top of my head.   Damn hair grows to fuckin’ fast.

Also, worth sharing because it made me laugh (though likely isn’t quite as funny, if not being pure sacrilegious, to some people — honestly no offense intended by the following) was a comment I read on Facebook yesterday, which read “Happy Jesus is a Zombie Day!”  Something about a zombie Messiah just tickles my fancy.  In fact, in “The World According to General Lordisimo” (an assumed personal history of everything according to me) I think I might devout a whole chapter to the concept of various religious figures in states of zombification and how this could in turn have greatly influenced the rest of world history (zombie Buddha could be particularly enlightening).

~ by Nathaniel on April 13, 2009.

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