Rye Beer

Yesterday afternoon/evening I brewed a rye beer at Evan’s place.  I am pretty excited to see how this beer turns out, because it is kind of experimental, not made from a kit, but instead adapted from a recipe I found on BeerTools (albeit not precisely the same).

Here is the basic ingredient rundown for the 5 gal. batch


  • 1.5lbs Weyermann Rye
  • 1lb Crystal Rye
  • .5lb Light Munich
  • .5lb Light Roast Barley

Dry Extract

  • 3lb Extra Dry
  • 3lb Amber


  • 1oz Challenger @ 60min
  • 1oz Liberty @ 30min
  • 1oz Golding @ 10min

In the bucket we added a little more sugar to get an initial gravity reading of 1.064. The yeast was dry, Safale Ale S-04 Whitbread Strain. This beer is amazingly dark, like just shy of stout level, which is not usually what one thinks of when they think rye beer, but that is okay because I love a dark beer.  Fermentation has already begun this morning (with a great beer aroma).  I intend to give this brew a bit of time.  I imagine the first bottle for drinking will be ready sometime around the beginning/middle of June, at which point I will try to determine if more bottle aging might be recommended (my copper ale is a beer that has proven to benefit greatly from some additional bottle aging, so I will be curious to see if the ry is likewise).

Besides the brewing, I also helped Evan bottle up his and Meg’s Belgian dubbel.  I can’t wait for that beer to condition, as the uncondistioned product already had an amazing fruity sweet flavor (not to mention some serious alcohol – something like 8% to 8.5% ABV).  I think this is going to be a wonderful dessert beer.  Evan made the good point that the dubbel probably demands those small Belgian style glasses for proper drinking, I have to agree.

Good stuff.  I look forward to having some new homebrews to drink soon.

~ by Nathaniel on April 20, 2009.

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