Disaster Preparedness Session . . . I think you’re missing some stuff

So I attended a Disaster Preparedness Session today, and while it was definitely some valuable information, I felt a little let down at the end.  Okay the info was relevant and all, but it focused a bit too much on the “common” disasters, you know tornadoes and floods and fires, etc. etc.  Okay, I admit that these might be the disaster most likely to occur but that being so I image they are the ones that we are already most prepared for.  While the average Joe might be able to respond relatively well to a fire (well as well as one can respond to a fire) that same average Joe might just shit a brick when the giant black pterodactyls come through the time hole.  Just sayin’.  I mean there are going to be problems in any disaster (hence its disaster status) but it is the incredibly unlikely disasters that are likely to turn out to be the worst.  Why?  Because they are unlikely and people don’t take them seriously!  So when the Robots decide it is their turn to rule the world a whole bunch of us will probably just stand around shell shocked and let it happen because nobody has prepared us for it.

Fortunately I discovered that it is pretty easy to take a disaster preparedness brochure and with a few minor tweeks (things like zombie head weakness and asteroid bunker building procedures) have it get you ready for just about anything you can imagine.  It can almost be fun too!  Fun that is, until two headed giant cavemen from Gargantuan Dual-Verse attack and you’re all like “shit, I didn’t even think of that one.”  Yup, that’ll blow for you.

~ by Nathaniel on April 29, 2009.

One Response to “Disaster Preparedness Session . . . I think you’re missing some stuff”

  1. Great post. I completely agree that all it takes a minor adjustment to make a regular preparedness plan work as a Zombie preparedness plan.

    Check out my Zombie Research Society blog at:


    Hope you like it, and keep up the good work!


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