Yo Yo Dilly Dilly

“It is the yo yo dilly dilly of the past, and it is the time after the present.”

~ Wikipedia entry for “Future” accessed at 9:45 am 5/1/2009

My good friend and former roommate  Nate discovered this while we carried on discussion this morning.  As I explained to Nate, it greatly tickles my fancy.  Obviously it is a small piece of wikipedia vandalism which is why I have time stamped the above quote.  I do not want to forget this ever.  I feel like “the yo yo dilly dilly of the past” may be the most wondrous description of the future I have ever read.  I hope to use it to describe the future to somebody someday myself.  Like my future children! (opps, I meant my yo yo dilly dilly of the past children).

~ by Nathaniel on May 1, 2009.

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