I actually ate breakfast this morning!  Really fucking exciting right?  Probably not.  But thought I’d share anyhow.

You see I don’t usually eat breakfast (which along with trying to get me to schedule a dentist appointment, seems to be one of my dad’s favorite griping points with me — “It’s the most important meal of the day.”  Yeah, I get it).  Truth is I am just never that hungry in the morning, and usually a couple cups of coffee is all that I need to get me going (and will usually hold me over until around 1:00 – 1:30 in the afternoon).  So yeah, no breakfast in general.

But the other day I was having a serious craving for some yogurt (which seems like a weird fucking food to have a craving for, but whatever) and so when I went to the store yesterday to buy me my groceries I got a big ol’ thing o’ yogurt and some granola and had that shit for breakfast.  And you know what?  It was damn good!

Generally speaking if I am going to eat yogurt I prefer some type of flavor (really like the blueberry) but I find that the plain works wonderfully with granola mixed in, though I’d be hard pressed to eat it alone.  Also rather great is that I have a dish I want to cook for dinner tonight which includes plain yogurt, all around a good deal.

And my stomach is quite satiated this morn, which is a damn good thing I guess.  Maybe I need to rethink this whole breakfast thing.  Maybe, but probably not.

~ by Nathaniel on May 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. Seriously, considering this whole fucking “most important” meal of the day shit. I think it is a load of bull fucking shit. I think there was some union group, like the United Egg Producers of America who made the whole thing up just to get people to buy more eggs. Yeah, yeah, I’ve read what all the “research” says, but I still call BS, because I have not consistently ate breakfast for the last six or seven years and I feel fine. Also, while definitely biased by my hate of it, I don’t think that orange juice is really all that. In fact the The US Orange Juicers Association was also probably involved in the whole “most important” meal shit.

    I cry conspiracy! Trust no one damnit!

    I think I’ve been watching too much X-Files lately.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever read so many curse words in the name of breakfast.

  3. In regards to breakfast being “the most important meal of the day,” while that may or may not be true, I think it’s more important to just eat when you’re hungry. Simple as that. If you don’t get hungry until 1, just eat at 1. I’m not sure why we have to go making everything so damn complicated.

    On a personal note, breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day. I love cereal, waffles, over easy eggs, sausage, pancakes, omelets, sauteed vegetables, oatmeal… I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day.

    Speaking of which, why don’t I eat breakfast every meal of the day? Social convention, I suppose. I’m sure there are also balanced nutritional implications as well. But really, I just feel weird eating cereal for lunch or dinner. Since I’m trying to buck most social conventions, I think I might just start eating cereal for dinner one or two nights a week. To hell with it!

    • Truth be told, while I don’t eat breakfast everyday and still don’t believe the “most important” meal crap, I actually greatly enjoy the whole going out to eat breakfast, with pancakes and bacon and over easy eggs and grits and all else that goes along with it. I think one of my biggest resitences to breakfast is just not wanting to make the effort to make myself something to eat. Yeah cereal is pretty easy, but I get tired of it pretty fast. Same with bagels, which are great here or there, but after two or three days of having them I am all around done with them for several weeks.

      I do agree that we should all rethink the social conventions of “proper” eating times. Animals don’t bother with a specific lunch and dinner time, they just eat when they feel like it. I think we would all be a little bit better off if we did the same thing. “Oh, hey, I’m hungry and I don’t care that it is not a proper meal time. I will eat now.” Ta-Da! Wonderful!

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