The Weekends

As my life continues to become more and more routine I am finding that my weekends tend to fall into one of two categories.  Those being the Lazy Weekend and the Productive Weekend.

The names alone should give you a pretty general idea of what they mean.  On Lazy Weekends I am a fucking bum and just lie around a lot and avoid doing anything much more beyond basic necessities of life (eating, sleeping, using the shitter, etc). 

Productive Weekends I keep busy.  Not necessarily with things that “need” to be done, just making sure that I do more than lie on my ass.  I’ll try and get outside, do some work, write, draw, etc.  This past weekend was a wonderfully fulfilling Productive Weekend.

I can’t say there is anything all that bad with the Lazy Weekend, sometimes I think you just need them.  But in the long run I would like to aim more and more for the productive weekends so that I do not feel like a complete looser.  I’d like to get myself in the habit of committing at least an hour or two every weekend to writing and drawing, as well as some other relatively creative processes.  Also want to make sure that I get outside as much as possible (I spend to much of the week stuck inside at the library).

But yeah just some thoughts. 

p.s. Part of productivity this past weekend was in the form of moving my Rye Beer to the secondary fermentation stage.  I am so damn excited about this beer.  1) It is still very very dark.  Not quite stout or porter dark, but just shy of there.  Considering that it is a rye based I may call it the Pumpernickel Rye Beer, which seems appropriate.  2) I tried a small glass of the beer while I was moving it to secondary.  Even though it was flat (obviously not having been carbonated yet) it had a rich complex flavor, a mix of distinct hoppy bitterness and a real smoked/roasted taste from the roasted barley and crystal rye grains.  As of yesterday I’ve estimated the ABV to be about 6% which is pretty good, stronger than most domestic beers, but not so much so that it’ll knock you on your ass (well not after one or two — pushing that you’ll get a decent drunk on I’d imagine).

~ by Nathaniel on May 4, 2009.

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