Lighting: A Contemplation

You want to know what I am thinking about (you know you do): Lighting.  That is right, I am thinking about the way in which various rooms in various buildings are lit, and how in general I think I rarely encounter lighting that I like.

Take work for example.  Most modern work places have obnoxious fluorescent lighting that can just about drive you crazy.  My office is the same way and I hate it.  It is entirely too damn bright in there.  What I’d like (and have suggested, albeit without any results) is a couple of desk lamps for our personal work spaces, and then more or less leave the fluorescent off unless we needed the brightness to find something misplaced (like a contact or earing — which I don’t think is much of a risk anyways).

On the other hand it seems like the places where I usually want bright lighting, specifically kitchens and bathrooms, are very often too dim for my taste.  The reason why I like bright lighting in kitchens and bathrooms is mostly because the manner of work that is done in them.  Now some folks might not like the idea of a brightly lit bathroom that can bring to attention all the possible inperfections of their bodies, but I would argue that a well lit bathroom is essential in the pursuit of cleanliness (hard to determine if you are well bathed if the lighting is too dim).  The kitch just strikes me as common sense.  If you are  preparing food don’t you want to be able to see it in good detail?  My kitch is an epitomy of “the suck” when it come to lighting, and it drives me crazy everytime I want to cook because I always feel that it is insufficiant.

Other places in the house, like the bedroom or living room, can have dimmer lighting as far as I am concerned.  Probably lots of windows for healthy, vitamin D producing daylight during the sunlit hours, and then simple reading lamps for the evening/night time.  I do not believe you need anything more than this.

In this contemplation of lighting I will say that I cannot wait till I own my own house and can work the details of how rooms are lit down to a fine art.  Until then I will likely grumble in displeasure at the failings of lighting elsewhere (though I will relish the places where I encounter quality lighting).

Thank you.

~ by Nathaniel on May 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lighting: A Contemplation”

  1. I agree. I think that lighting, both interior and exterior, is the single most important piece of “decor”. There is nothing better to set a mood or an atmosphere.

    That is why I think workplaces use fluorescent lighting for a reason. It’s their goal to suck all the life out of you, so you have no hope for a better life. Therefore you have no motivation to ever leave and have no rebellion left in you, so you’ll do whatever they tell you.

    Sure, that might be a bit sadistic, but I’ve worked in Cubeland. It’s no good.

    • I think the main effect that the lighting at work has on me is that it makes me a hell of a lot more irritable. I feel like half the reason I am a bit hot headed and curmudgeony while at work is due directly to the infuriating lighting. If my office had nice relaxing soft lighting I’d probably be about the most agreable worker ever. I’ve suggested this at work and yet the fluorecents remain. Makes me wonder if maybe curmudgeony is how my employers like me.

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