How to Spend Memorial Day? Brew Beer Gosh Darnit!

Memorial day is that funky little holiday which is like a warm-up to the 4th of July (assuming, of course that you are an American).  The weather is getting nice, so you can do stuff outdoors.  You don’t have to work (always a little w00t! to that).  And it is just a nice way to remember all those who have served in the military.

So it is Sunday evening before Memorial Day and I am sitting and drinking a beer (a Magic Hat #9, which I was pleased to find in a cheap 6-pack today).  In a bit I think I might get some stuff together to make a pasta salad for tomorrow (I have the ingredients, I’m just debating whether I should hold off on assembly until tomorrow morn.  Maybe cook the pasta tonight?  That sounds like a good idea.

As for tomorrow, I am hanging out with my friends the Cendrowskis (Brian of Untamed Beer and Nicole of Big Gnome) and brewing up a batch of Oatmeal Nut Brown beer. Pretty excited as I have been looking forward to seeing Brian’s set up in action.  He has rigged some serious homebrewing equipment meant for big batches of all-grain brewing.  I’d describe it  in more detail but I haven’t seen it yet and feel like I couldn’t do it justice.  I intend to bring my camera tomorrow and take lots of pictures so as to best exhibit the process (you can expect a follow-up blog post in a few days).

Anyways, heres to Memorial Day!  Take a moment to thank any soldiers you know and remember our fallen.  And heres to good home brewing!  May we only make the best beer!

~ by Nathaniel on May 24, 2009.

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