Name Mash

So, it seems that amongst my group of friends down here in Greenville, SC, a thing that we like to do is create a singular name for refering to couples.  This started (as far as I know) with Walker and Natalia, utilizing their last names (Hunter and Muska respectively) to create the name Huska as in “I’m heading over to the Huska Plantation.” (Fact: I used to live in the upstairsy attic thingy at the Huska Plantation for some nine months or so).  The next was Evan and Meg who have been dubbed Mevan (which seems to have stuck pretty well).  It may be pointed out that Evan has the unfair name domination in the mash which is Mevan, but that is in fact inaccurate, as the E in Mevan is unquestionable the same E that appears in Meg as opposed to the E which appears in Evan (yes it is still a little unbalanced but five letter words tend to be).  Recently the discussion has been brought to Mad and Bryon, and to what name mash they shall be referred to collectively.  I have proposed Mad Beard (Beard is what I called Bryon before i knew his name, and persisted to call him for some time, as in still now, after).  Yes Mad Beard might sound somewhat like a pirate name, but I do not see anything strange about this.  Heck, Beard is the fellow who gave us (Mad and I, Mad’s my roommate) a machete, a very pirate like tool if I ever saw one.  So I hold that Mad Beard is proper nomenclature for this couple.

Why did I write this post (besides as an excuse to push my Mad Beard proposal)?  Because of this:

Via the wondrous Left-Handed Toons (click on the image for linkage fun!)

Via the wondrous Left-Handed Toons (click on the image for linkage fun!)

Good times.

Oh yeah, brewing on Memorial Day was sweet.  You can read about it and look at some pictures on Brian’s (not Beard Bryon, although this Brian also rocks the beard . . . confusing?) Untamed Beer post.  I know I said that I would probably post too, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen . . . mostly because I am lazy.


~ by Nathaniel on May 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Name Mash”

  1. Bradeleine? Beardeleine? Bryad?

    “Mevan” is a pretty fair character split: “ME” = 66.7% of “MEG” and “VAN” = 75% of “EVAN”. Given that “ME” gets pride of place at the beginning of the “MEVAN” contraction, I think that’s entirely equitable.

    • Agreed, you and Meg certainly have a pretty even distribution in the name mash. I can’t tell if the same goes for Huska. Obviously Walker has the right to claim the “HU” for the Hunter front, but that is only a 33.33% favorability to him, while the “SKA” provides Natalia with a 60% favorability for the Muska front. I suppose we’d really have to determine to what degree the front end of the name mash weighs.

      Also, Beardeleine is pretty good too . . . but personally I am still loving the pirate quality of Mad Beard

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